Do Flashy Kitchens Make Economic Sense?

When it comes to buying a home in Corona or anywhere else, one the first places buyers like to see in a house when showing, is the kitchen. Or a homeowner when considering doing an upgrade, kitchen is at the top of their list to remodel. An ideal kitchen for a lot of buyers or homeowners is, stainless appliances, upgraded flooring, counter-tops and cabinets. 

With that said, here's an interesting article by Arrol Gellner, stating "Kitchen design has always been rife with faddish gimmicks." 

He made some good points, especially about the item that's on everyone list for kitchens, Granite Counter Tops. "Granted, it's durable stuff, but for my money, putting stone with a 200-year lifespan on top of cabinets that'll wear out in 30 years, if that, seldom makes economic sense."

The author bottom-lines it by saying it's about placement and fitting your kitchen to suit your cooking style. "What matters most is that your kitchen is meticulously tailored to your own style of cooking. Where will you keep the silverware, the coffee, the Cheerios? Will the stock pot, the colander, the cheese grater be at hand when you need them?"

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