Inland Empire - Considered strong Investment Opportunity

A very interesting article from the Press-Enterprise, short and sweet identifying the IE as a strong investment opportunity.

"Riverside and San Bernardino counties, 50 or so miles from the ocean, is ranked third. As an inland port, the two- county area is considered desirable because of its proximity to Los Angeles. Also, there is a shortage of large distribution center space (in Los Angeles) and still no scarcity of land in the Inland Empire. Investors know this, and despite the recession and its lingering effects, they still have checkbooks."

If you drive up the I-15 from Corona towards I-10 you will see how much land that's available for development. There's plenty of other areas in and around the Inland Empire prime for developement and/or expansion. Especially with 2 major 
transcontinental rail lines of Union Pacific and BNSF running through the Inland Empire with major rail ports, it makes it attractive for businesses looking for distribution centers.

Bottom line, with more investment business dollars coming into the IE only helps the housing market.