The One Number to watch for a Housing Recovery

According to an article by CNNMoney, there's a number to keep an eye on to know where the housing market is going. A lot of folks like to focus on home prices. With home prices continuing their downward trend, it would be hard to believe that housing has turned around.

I don't believe you will see a huge rise in home prices, if it at all.

"After all, prices tend to be a lagging indicator. It could take six months for any improvements to show in the market, if not longer."

So what is that number that could indicate a turning in the Corona Real Estate market or elsewhere? Home Sales.

The spring selling season, traditionally the busiest period of the year, appears to be off to its best start in five years. Sales of existing homes in January and February were at their highest level since 2007, according to data out Wednesday, though sales in February edged down by 0.9% from January on a seasonally adjusted basis. The decline in real-estate prices has slowed its pace.

If this keeps up, this maybe be the start of a shift from a buyer's market to a more balance market to eventually a seller's market.

If there's ever time to start buying, now is the time. If your on the fence, don't be afraid to start your search now. And of course if your looking for homes in Corona or the Inland Empire, feel free to visit my site.