Corona made list of Best Place to Raise Kids

Corona made Kiplinger's List of "10 Great Cities to Raise Your Kids" They took a 2 step process to determine criteria. 

  1. They looked for metropolitan areas with high household incomes relative to living costs, a large percentage of families with children under 18, and low crime rates

  2. They also honed in on a specific city within each of our top 10 metro areas that’s well-suited to raising kids based on educational factors (spending per student and the quality of local school districts) as well as fun factors (availability of public parks, playgrounds and libraries).

From the Article:

Corona sits on the fringes of Los Angeles and Riverside, right where the dense cities of California's "Inland Empire" start to fade into suburbs. The city is, in part, a bedroom community for these larger locales. While Southern California traffic jams are infamous, parents can commute comfortably enough from Corona to Riverside, San Bernardino, Irvine and L.A. 

Corona’s public schools enjoy a solid reputation, especially toward the south of the city. Santiago High, a public high school of about 3,300, earned accolades from U.S. News and World Report for its high test scores and college prep programs. Outside of school, families can take advantage of their proximity to the Cleveland National Forest. The nearby Santa Ana Mountains not only make Corona a pretty place to live, but they provide plenty of hiking and camping opportunities for kids

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