"Rent: Too Damn High?" Can you Buy a Home with very little Down?

I remember hearing about this guy who was running for governor in New York, his party....The Rent is Too Damn High Party. His platform, you guessed it, rent is too high. I posted a video of the songified version of the debate for fun.
The reality is rent is going up this year at a steep rate. Just today CNBC's Diana Olick has a story "Rents skyrocket well beyond wages".
Check out the video below

According to the article and the video it begs the question, why are more renters not considering buying a home. Why pay someone else's mortgage if your rent is higher than what your mortgage payment could be?

At the end of the report, Diana states one of the hurdles to buying is having enough $$ to put down. So....what if there was a way to only put down as little to no $$ down. Our team offers such solutions. Depending on your income and price point, you can qualify for down payment assistance. 

We can even help with covering some if not all your closing cost via seller credit or lender credit. 

Looking to buy a home in Riverside County for $350,000 or Orange County $625,000, you may only have to bring an amount as low as $5000-6500. That is equal to a deposit for a rental, heck you can use the deposit you get from renting, plus what you would normally pay for rent since you don't have to pay a mortgage for up to 2 months. 

All you have to do is contact us for a free/no obligation buyers consultation and we can start the process of home-ownership sooner than you thought was possible.